Naturalwalls artisans are expert installers of Clay & Limestone Plasters, Interior & Exterior Surfaces, Buon Fresco, Stuc Pierre, Marmorino, Veneziano, Tadelakt, Shikkui, Architectural & Ornamental Plaster.

Natural Building Solutions since 1997 Los Angeles based designer and artist, Scott Nelson, and his team of artisans have been working with premiere architects, interior designers, builders and home owners for the last 20 years to create homes and work spaces that are good for the planet and the people through the use of traditional, earth based materials and techniques.

Visit our page on The 12 Benefits of Natural Plaster Wall Systems to learn more.

We offer many kinds of specialty installations including waterproof bath and shower lime plaster (Tadelakt). Visit our Portfolio page to see more possibilities.

Our work has been featured in several publications over the years including Dwell Magazine, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home Magazine, and Hawk & Trowel Magazine. This project was featured in an article at

Many of our past clients include celebrities whom we can't discuss except when it's Bryan Cranston's beach house and he asks for a quick lesson on repairing clay plaster before the cameras role. Check out our made for TV video of his project.