Brentwood Art Collector

Naturalwalls oversaw the installation of polished lime plaster in large, sun bathed spaces filled with art and high design. The effect of the light shimmering across the polished two story walls was stunning, and check out this powder room!

To get this effect we applied a black lime putty and marble dust plaster in multiple translucent coats and then trowelled on a layer of wax mixed with metallic pigments. It’s about the only finish that I can imagine that can stand up to that glowing agate sink!

The other spaces of the house are more neutral and subtle to provide a fitting backdrop for the art.

Polished lime plaster
was developed centuries ago as a way to attain the elegant surface of a stone wall without the weight and risk of installing huge slabs of marble.

Plaster finishes are a perfect complement to minimal modern art where the earthiness of the surface contrasts with the sleek feel of manufactured pieces.

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  1. Pamela Clarke says:

    Thank you for keeping artistic integrity alive, while meshing old and new. Your choices in colors, textures and knowledge of history is refreshing. I anticipate seeing our collaborations at McNell!!

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