Hawk & Trowel magazine interviews Scott Nelson on natural lime plasters.

Hawk & Trowel magazine interviewed Scott and other industry professionals in an article entitled “Venetian Plaster: Lime vs. Synthetic”.

Many people in California think of Venetian Plaster as the smooth, glassy finish that is obtained with multiple layers of natural lime putty and marble dust.  The term can actually refer to a wide variety of finishes, all of them incorporating varying amounts of natural lime plaster and stone aggregates.

The beauty of natural lime plaster is its versatility in creating almost any surface imaginable.  “When I am looking to bring a sense of warmth and earthy character to a space, I often specify the use of natural plaster.  I pay particular attention to the size, structure, and color of the aggregates that are to be used in the desired finish.  It’s these qualities and the artistry of the application that will create the feel that I am imagining.”

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