Masters of the Building Arts Festival, Charleston SC

Beginning March 24,  Naturalwalls owner Scott Nelson will be in Charleston, South Carolina for the Masters of the Building Arts Festival at the American College of the Building Arts brushing up on his plaster molding and casting skills and mingling with some of the finest artisans in the world.  The ACBA is the only college in the country dedicated to the revival of traditional trades that have formed the backbone of the American architecture industry for over 200 years and in Europe for a thousand years before that.  The level of interest in authentic workmanship has been steadily growing over the last decade as people feel the need to balance our increasingly virtual world with actual craft, to experience work that endures the test of time and provides comfort in its solidity and strength.

Scott will also be a presenter at the festival on the topic of “Natural Wall Systems: Building Healthier Buildings with Natural Materials”. Anyone with interest in the classical trades should make every effort to get out to Charleston March 24. This is the one event that you don’t want to miss.


2014 MBA Poster-for Web-SM[1]

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