A Flamingo in Eagle Rock

Naturalwalls was called in to create a bright color scheme that the usual stucco blends weren’t able to capture.  Most cement based exterior stucco is limited to a range of earth pigments that keep the color options fairly sedate.  This particular client was looking for weathered “flamingo pink” over a base of sea foam green.

It took some back and forth with custom formulations but we eventually arrived at what is one of the most brightly colored projects that we’ve had the pleasure of working on.  The people across the valley must have wondered what was going on when one day the house was green and the next it was pink.

Natural lime plaster hardens more slowly than cement.  This allowed us to apply pink over green and then return the next day to scrape the pink back here and there to give it that authentic old plaster feel that faux finishes just can’t match.










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