Historic Bungalow Restoration at Caltech

We have spent the better part of the last year working on this project for Caltech.  Seven historic bungalows were moved from one side of campus to the other to make way for the new Chen Research Center.

Naturalwalls was hired by Eagle Restoration Inc. to install the exterior waterproofing, lath, natural hydraulic lime scratch and brown, and lime paint.  Hensel Phelps Inc. is the general contractor.

This finish will age beautifully as the lime paint gently weathers and creates a more complex, intricate patina, as one sees on the surfaces of old buildings in Tuscany and Provence.

Lime plasters are specified for historic restorations around the world because they allow the building to “breathe” meaning that the low density of the cured lime allows water vapor to escape thus avoiding buildup inside the walls.


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