Naturalwalls was founded in 1997 by Scott Nelson after a tour of Europe where he was inspired by the natural materials that are used in traditional and modern buildings.

“I began to explore the best ways to bring the warmth of those buildings to the design and construction processes that we are familiar with here in the states.”

“During that process of exploration I discovered that those surfaces were often created with limestone and clay plasters. I researched the old recipes and realized that these materials could be directly incorporated into our contemporary buildings in place of our standard petrochemical based paints and stucco.”

“Now, 17 years later, I have been privileged to work with many great clients on beautiful projects. I’m still just as inspired by the feel of a clay wall or the way the light plays across a limestone surface, as I was when I walked down those alleys in Paris and Rome.”

Scott brings his background in the arts to every home, store, or office that he shapes.  The intuitive sense of color and texture exhibited in his paintings translates directly into the balance of these elements that he is continually striving to achieve for his clients.  Visit scottdavidnelson.com to view his paintings.


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